Flower Essences have been used for many centuries by many cultures to resolve emotional issues and are extremely useful for our 21st century dramas.  Stress, relationship issues, resentment, puberty, pregnancy, toddlers, self-esteem, transition, trauma, grief…  I have been prescribing these gentle but powerful treatments for over 10 years and the peace that they bring to my clients’ lives brings me so much joy.

Working at a subconscious level, flower essences resolve emotional issues by harmonising negative beliefs.   They are a truly holistic part of my treatment strategy as they allow the release of emotions that are triggering disease in the body.

There are no interactions with medications and can be used by pregnant women, babies, the elderly and even on your pets!

After a 30 minute consultation either in the Stirling clinic space or via Skype,  I dispense an individual blend for you in the form of drops to be used orally or externally, or sprays that can be misted into a room or around the affected person.

30 min consultation  – $60 (concession $50)

15 min (follow up consultation) – $35

Essence – 15ml bottle – $20,  50ml spray bottle – $30

Private Health rebates are available.