As the end of year rush has started here in Australia, Jacaranda has come into full bloom in our streets.  This is divine timing as the essence of this flower is the perfect remedy to the chaos that ensues as we try to focus on our daily lives plus the extra pressures of Christmas preparations, school holidays looming ahead of us and extra social engagements.

This essence is for those who are feeling scattered, jumping from one project to the next and not finishing anything.  Feeling ‘all over the place’ and rushing about. Finding it hard to focus, becoming indecisive and even clumsy.

Jacaranda taken as drops, or used in an aura spray will restore clarity, decision-making and clear-headed quick-thinking.  Allowing us to successfully focus on each task and successfully complete it.

If you want to cruise into the end of the year with poise and calm, I can blend this with other compatible essences tailored to your needs or dispense it as a single remedy.

Call or email me today for a skype consultation and enjoy the rest of your year

+61416 079 330


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